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Save $1000's of dollars using the SiteBuilder Anywhere eCommerce option (also known as the Catalog Manager). It is the easiest, most cost-effective way to open your own store on the web.
It's as simple as choosing your product categories, uploading your graphics and adding your product descriptions. The Catalog Manager automatically organizes and formats your store.
This is a complete eCommerce solution for 1-1000+ products which uses the PayPal shopping cart to allow you to accept credit card payments from your customers without needing an expensive Merchant account with your bank.
This alone could save you $1000's per year. The Catalog Manager option is enabled in your Free Trial account for your examination.
Please choose one of the following options:

 Option #1:    Open a ServantHost Web Hosting Account  
ServantHost offers the SiteBuilder with each of their full-service web hosting plans. They will handle all of the configuration details for you to make sure your web site publishes successfully the very first time.

 ServantHost Web Hosting Plans
50 MB   5 Gigs!
5 Email Mailboxes
1 Page SiteBuilder
Inbox Defender
eCommerce Option


    $24.95 per month
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250 MB  10 Gigs!
50 Email Mailboxes
10 Page SiteBuilder
Inbox Defender 5 Free
1 Pro Autoresponder
eCommerce Option

    $29.95 per month
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500 MB   20 Gigs!
100 Email Mailboxes
100 Page SiteBuilder
Inbox Defender 10 Free
2 Pro Autoresponders

eCommerce Option

    $39.95 per month
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1500 MB   50 Gigs!
Unlimited Mailboxes
500 Page SiteBuilder
Inbox Defender 25 Free
3 Pro Autoresponders
eCommerce Option

    $64.95 per month
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 Option #2:    I Already Have Web Hosting Space Elsewhere 
Click the Order Now button under the SiteBuilder Anywhere eCommerce plan which best meets your needs. Save big when you pay by the year. You get a discount and there is no setup fee!
SiteBuilder Anywhere uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to publish your web site. Please contact your web space provider for your FTP account information.

Brochure Value Standard Business Pro Max
1 Page
1 MB
10 Pages
10 MB
100 Pages
100 MB
500 Pages
100 MB
250 Pages
250 MB
500 MB
+ $15 setup
+ $15 setup
+ $15 setup
+ $15 setup
+ $15 setup
+ $15 setup
Free Setup
Free Setup
Free Setup
Free Setup
Free Setup
Free Setup

1 to 1000+ Products 
Payment Integration with PayPal
A complete eCommerce Solution
No HTML knowledge required
 $20 additional per month

Drawing of computer; Size=240 pixels wide

And, if you have a PayPal Business account, you can accept credit card payments from your customers without the need for an expensive Merchant Account.

Catalog Manager Examples

Save $1000's of Dollars

For an additional $20/month, you can create, build & maintain your own web store yourself with the Catalog Manager option.
No need to wait for an expensive professional web designer to add new products or update descriptions.
You could easily save $1000's of dollars every year by doing it yourself.

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