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Getting Started

 Step #0: Need some help getting started?

Like any artist facing an empty canvas, you'll probably find that choosing your first web design template will be the hardest part.

SiteBuilder provides hundreds of professionally designed web site templates to choose from. However, whatever you choose, you can always change. So, relax and enjoy the adventure!
We can help you get started. Just send us a message
describing the kind of site you want to begin building and we
will take these first steps for you.

 Step #1: Create your SiteBuilder Anywhere Account
You will need a SiteBuilder Anywhere account for each different web site you want to create. Typically, a web site is published to a specific Domain name (more on that later).
Click this Create button and complete the form. Additional instructions will be sent to the Email address you provide, so please double-check it to make sure it is accurate.

 Step #2: Begin building your web site
The first step is to choose your template. There are three major types of templates: Horizontal Menu, Vertical Menu and Customizable.
Customizable templates give you the greatest freedom to change the template's graphics and color schemes.
Templates can be changed at any time. You can even use several different templates within a single web site. Though not recommended, such a capability does demonstrate the versatility and flexibility of the SiteBuilder.
 Step #3: Have you reserved your Domain Name?
A domain name is your web site's Internet "address". They should be short, but not too short; descriptive, easy to spell and use words which are not easily misunderstood (e.g. sense vs. cents).
Domain names can usually be obtained through your web hosting service provider or directly from a domain name registrar. We recommend obtaining your domain from Domain Bank. 
 Step #4: Determine where to publish your web site
Your web site needs a place to "live". It needs its own "address" on the Internet so it can be located and viewed by anyone at anytime, day or night. 
Option #1: There are many web hosting providers (most of which do not offer the SiteBuilder). However, ServantHost offers the SiteBuilder with each of our web hosting plans. We will handle all of the configuration details for you and make sure your web site publishes successfully the first time.
Option #2: We will publish your Brochure, Value or Standard web site and host it Free under our SiteBuilderAnywhere.com domain. This means that your web site's URL might look something like this ("yoursite" is based on your SiteBuilder Anywhere account login username).
Option #3: If your current web hosting account gives you FTP (File Transfer Protocol) permissions to your web space, we can configure SiteBuilder Anywhere to publish your web site into that web space. The first step is to sign up for the SiteBuilder Anywhere plan which most closely meets your needs.

 Step #5: Publish your web site
As part of the activation process, we publish your web site for you for the first time. Thereafter, whenever you make changes to your web site with SiteBuilder Anywhere, don't forget to press the Publish button to update your web site for all the world to see.

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